Mile End Update 10th August 2019

Dear Residents,

Eid Mubarak!

1. Call In on the Local Community Fund (LCF)

I along with Cllr Ehtasham Haque (Blackwall and Cubitt Town), Cllr Gabriela Salva (St. Peters), Cllr Shad Cowdhury (Spitalfileds and Bangla Town), Cllr Shah Shuhel Ameen (Whitechapel) have signed a ‘Call In’ asking for the decision by the Mayor to be reconsidered. The meeting at the Council will be at 6 pm, Wednesday 14th August 2019. Please find below the text of the ‘Call In.’

2. Call In on decision to extend the contract with Tower Hamlets Homes

We also signed a ‘Call In’ on Tower Hamlets Homes, please find below the text of the ‘Call In’:


Cllr Puru Miah

Mile End