About Me

I first moved into Mile End in 2002. I was then a young graduate from King’s College London, starting my first graduate job, as the years went by, I moved to Agnes Street, where I got married and had both my sons, who now  go to local schools. I currently live in Whitechapel, work in the Civil Service, down the road, at Thames Magistrates on Bow Road. 

During my time in Mile End, I have been involved in various charitable activities and outreach work, from youth outreach work in the Burdett Estate to being an Employment Adviser at the Limehouse Project, then based in Cheadle Hall. I was also a trained Community Organiser, working closely with organisations within Citizens UK.

Not only do I have the have the deep and long term links within East End, but also have a conceptual insight into the struggles of youth, private renters, social tenants, working families, the unemployed  and families with children. This understanding is essential when it comes to making the right decisions in an age of ‘Double Austerity’ faced by the residents of Tower Hamlets. This insight has lead me to run comparatively successful local campaigns. 

If you have an idea, I want to hear about it, if you care about something, lets sit down, talk about it, If you want to change things, I want to be part of it.