East End Homes (EEH), have put in planning permission to build additional units on the Eric and Treby Estate. I met up with East End Homes along with residents and stakeholders to discuss the proposed planning application, on the 15th August 2018. We walked around the estates, while engaged in a residents lead conversation. Below is a summary of the discussions.

  1. Residents need more information and transparency with regards to the planning application.
  • On the number, composition and fabric of units.
  • On the apprenticeship programme for locals provided by the Gracewood, the contractor for the scheme.
  • On the timetable of the construction of the units, therefore residents can plan around the anticipated disruption.
  • Clear information needs to given in terms of a breakdown of tenure, rents and service charges.
  • Transparency also needs to be forthcoming in terms of any payments to or from Transport for London, with regards to the proposed development.

2. East End Homes Improvements to the Estate, as part of the planning application:

       As part of the development there will be improvements made to, Derwent, Windermere, Coniston and Loweswater House:

  • Better security arrangements
  • Improved rubbish collection infrastructure
  • Secure by design will be applied to proposed plans to mitigate the effects of Anti Social Behavior (ASB)

      3. Section 106/Community Infrastructure Levy

It is anticipated that East End Homes will be required as part of the planning process to pay just under £500,000 to the London Borough of Tower Hamlets to improve the infrastructure (streets and public spaces etc).

Previous monies allocated for infrastructure improvement on the Eric and Treby Estate has been allocated elsewhere, for example Bartlett Park, benefitting the residents of Poplar HARCA. Made it clear at the meeting we do not want a repetition of what happened before and would want the 0.5 million to be spent in and around the Eric and Treby Estate.

Therefore residents asked at the meeting for the following in terms of the £0.5 million to be spent on the following:

  • Improvements to the green space (children’s activity area) in the space between Treby and English Street.
  • More display boards on Eric Street to display artwork made by local residents
  • A pop up community space and centre in the car park to the rear of Hamlets Way, Eric Street and the Baptist Church on Burdett Road (as the current community space on Southern Grove is oversubscribed).

Other Concerns

Concerns were raised with regards to the impact on parking in the area by the new development.

Action Point

Will have a follow up meeting with East End Homes on the points raised and will report back